📲 New iPads to Launch Towards End of March or April, Apple’s first big AI innovation and more...

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Hey Geeks! Dhvanesh here, your friendly neighborhood Apple enthusiast and editor-in-chief of iGeeksBlog+.

Are you curious about the rumored iPad release date? Wondering what Apple's brewing with artificial intelligence? I've got the inside scoop to satisfy your tech cravings.

Plus, I'll show you how to become an iPhone and iPad master with hidden features you might not know exist. Swipe through to learn how to recover lost tabs, become a calculator whiz, and access recent files in a snap. And at last, some cool wallpapers waitign for you!

In this issue, you'll find:

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

🔌 MageSafe Monday

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

💻 Why an open Apple isn’t good for anyone? link

  • Apple's approach to complying with the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) has been described as "malicious compliance", as the company aims to satisfy the law but nobody else.
  • Apple is modifying its business model to comply with the new rules to the letter, but in a way that makes taking advantage of them as unpalatable as possible.
  • The company will continue to make changes incrementally in order to address specific complaints, but the shifting sands of its App Store policies in the EU aren't really good for anyone.

🚨 Most apps with subscriptions fail to make more than $1,000 per month link

  • RevenueCat has released its State of Subscription Apps 2024 report, which covers trends and insights on the subscription app landscape.
  • The report reveals that the percentage of downloads converting into paying subscribers after 30 days has slightly increased to 1.7%, while the share of monthly subscribers retained after 12 months decreased by around 14%.
  • Over 10% of churned monthly subscribers re-subscribe within 12 months, with categories like Media & Entertainment seeing even higher reactivation rates.

🔥 New iPads to Launch Towards 'End of March' or April link

  • Apple is reportedly planning to release new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, as well as upgraded accessories such as the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, towards the end of March or in April.
  • The new iPads are expected to feature a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air, as well as a thinner enclosure and other design tweaks. It is unclear if a special version of iPadOS 17.4 will be released for the new iPads.
  • The devices are likely to be announced through a press release on the Apple Newsroom website.

🤖 Apple’s first big AI innovation in 2024 may be… smarter ads link

  • Apple is reportedly testing a new AI-powered ad system for its App Store that will automatically decide where to place ads. The program is similar to Google’s Performance Max and Meta’s Advantage+ campaigns, which simplify the ad-buying process.
  • Advertisers will enter their budget target metrics, audiences, and countries they want to reach, and Apple’s AI-powered algorithm will decide where best to place ads. The program is expected to be limited to App Store search results, and may extend to other apps, including Maps and Sports.

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

🌍 How to restore closed Safari tabs on iPhone and iPad link

  • Let's learn 3 ways to restore closed Safari tabs on your iOS device. The first method involves using the Shake to Undo feature, which is enabled by default.
  • The second involves reopening web pages from the Recently Closed Tabs list, which can be accessed by tapping and holding the + icon.
  • The third method involves restoring closed Safari tabs from the browsing history.

🔢 How to make the most of the iOS Calculator link

  • The iOS Calculator app has hidden features that can make it more useful than it appears.
  • You can delete the last digit of a number by swiping left or right over it instead of deleting the whole number with the C button. Turning the phone to landscape mode while in the app will give access to the scientific calculator functions and allow users to enter more digits.
  • The calculated result can be copied or pasted into other apps, and the app's appearance can be modified by changing its accessibility settings.

🗂️ How to access your recent Files from iPhone Home Screen link

  • You can easily access your recent files on your iPhone using Apple's Files widget, which allows you to tap directly from your Home Screen to view important documents without the need to search through folders or apps.
  • This feature keeps your recent work prominently displayed, streamlining your access and ensuring nothing important is overlooked.
  • Adding the Files widget to your Home Screen is simple: unlock your iPhone, enter edit mode, search for the Files widget in the gallery, select a size, place it on your Home Screen, and you're all set to view your recent files with ease.

🔌 MagSafe Monday

🔋BoostCharge Pro - Thoughtfully crafted aesthetics

Belkin's BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 charging dock has got a minimalistic look that might blend into your nightstand, desk, or bedroom side table.

Here's what makes it awesome:

  • Double Duty Charger: Power up your iPhone 15, 14, or any MagSafe-compatible model at 15W while simultaneously giving your Apple Watch Ultra 2, Series 9, or other fast-charging Apple Watch a boost.
  • MagSafe Magic: MagSafe makes charging a breeze! Simply place your iPhone on the dock and watch it perfectly align for fast, wireless charging.
  • Find Your Perfect Angle: This adjustable dock lets you tilt your iPhone from 0 to 70 degrees, so you can always see the screen perfectly – whether you're checking the time, watching videos, or video chatting.
  • Stable and Secure: The weighted base keeps the dock firmly in place, no matter how much you bump your nightstand. Plus, the included braided USB-C cable adds a touch of style.

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

1️⃣ Shapez - Factory Game link

  • In the simulation game, your goal is to work smarter, not harder. Create automated systems to quickly fill orders. Need 200 red rectangles? Mine a deposit of grey squares, add a slicer to cut ’em in half, then plop down a painting machine and supply it with red dye. Rotate, merge, stack, mix – the power of automation is in your hands!
  • What you may love is creating amazing mega-factories. It doesn’t cost a thing to lay down miles of conveyor belts, so go for it! You’ll marvel at your work when you’ve laid out an intricate web of machines that spans the massive map. (Think circuit boards, not spaghetti.)
  • Unlocked at level 15, the belt-reader machine displays the number of items passing that point on the conveyor belt every second. It’s super-helpful for identifying efficiency choke points. We gotta speed this up!

2️⃣ Emily Said It Better link

  • 'Emily Said It Better' is an app that allows you to match your words with verses from Emily Dickinson's poems. The app provides a calming and mindful experience, adding poetry to daily wellbeing routines.
  • You can explore Dickinson's works and find relevant verses for their current situations. The app is free, with no logins, purchases, or ads, and your data is kept private and processed offline.

3️⃣ Delete After Reading link

  • Delete After Reading is a unique combination of an adventure story and puzzle games that follows the mission of a secret group of kids to steal back a highly coveted videogame from a millionaire's mansion.
  • The book/game requires the reader/player to participate in interactive reading, story, and escape room puzzles. It is an immersive storytelling format suitable for all ages.

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

We have found some GREAT WALLPAPERS for your iPhone Homescreen and Lockscreen.

Thank you again for joining iGeeksBlog+. I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you!

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