📲 iOS 18 will use AI to summarize notifications, articles, and much more

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Hey Geeks! Dhvanesh here, your friendly neighborhood Apple enthusiast and editor-in-chief of iGeeksBlog+.

Recently, I stumbled upon a new study from CIRP that says a growing group of iPad owners are keeping the tablet longer than ever before upgrading. The report's data showed an increasing trend in the iPad ownership lifecycle.

Interestingly, the percentage of users opting to wait 3 years or more before upgrading has seen a substantial increase, from 28% to 40%, since 2022. This is a significant shift in user behavior. Those who would typically upgrade in 1-2 years, which was the largest share at 34% in 2022, have now decreased to 25% in 2024.

Apple News has indeed established a decent hold over a significant share of US Apple customers. What about you? Hit the reply button and let me know if you are using Apple News and why you prefer it over other news sites.

In this issue, you'll find:

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

🔌 MagSafe Monday

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

🔥 iOS 18 will use AI to summarize notifications, articles, and much more link

  • Major Siri Upgrades in iOS 18: Siri will see significant improvements, including more accurate and context-aware response generation, enhanced and more natural voices, and the ability to control media playback across devices. For example, users will be able to use Siri on their Apple Watch to control their Apple TV. Additionally, a new "Catch Up" feature will allow users to ask Siri for a summary of recent notifications.
  • Enhanced AI Features for Communication and Productivity Apps: iOS 18 will introduce Smart Replies for automated message and email responses and new AI tools in the Notes app for audio transcription, text summarization, and mathematical notation support. These enhancements will streamline tasks like editing audio notes and solving complex equations directly within the Notes app.
  • Generative AI and Image Editing Capabilities: The update will include advanced generative AI tools for image creation and editing, such as a new "Clean Up" feature to remove objects from photos, replacing the current "Retouch" tool. An internal testing application, Generative Playground, indicates plans for users to create and share AI-generated images and custom emojis via iMessage.

🎵 Tune in to the WWDC24 Apple Music soundtrack link

  • We’re just one week away from WWDC 2024, another edition of Apple’s annual conference for developers. Although the main focus of the event is software, Apple has just launched a special playlist on Apple Music to promote WWDC 2024 with summer songs.
  • The one-hour playlist features 20 songs by artists such as Tommy Richman, Billie Eilish, Dominic Fike, Sabrina Carpenter, and Glass Animals.
  • Interestingly, the Apple Music profile on X has been updated with a slightly different icon. The logo has become a bit thicker, and the gradient more discreet. It’s unclear whether this is a mistake or whether the new icon will be officially unveiled with iOS 18 next month.

👀 Watch behind the scenes at Apple's iPhone durability testing link

  • Ever wonder how Apple tests its iPhones for dust, water, drop protection, and more? Apple invited MKBHD to check out its special laboratories with custom machines for durability testing as well as talk with Apple’s chief of hardware John Ternus.
  • MKBHD recently shared multiple short videos on X that showed a neat behind-the-scenes look at how Apple tests its IP (dust/water) ratings, drop resistance, vibration resistance, and more.
  • The behind-the-scenes footage also shows the drop-testing system, vibration-testing system, and a short interview with Apple’s John Ternus discussing repairability, durability testing, and more.

🍿 Apple working on bringing the Apple TV app to Android phones link

  • Apple is finally bringing the Apple TV app to Android phones and tablets, as reported by Bloomberg. The company is in the process of hiring engineers to help lead the effort and build out the app. Previously, the company has made an app for the Android smart TV platform, but not Android itself.
  • Bringing the TV app to Android brings parity with Apple’s other major content service, Apple Music. Although Apple Music launched on iOS exclusively with iOS 8.4 in 2014, it came to Android about a year later. The current incarnation of the TV app debuted in 2019 and remains iPhone exclusive five years on.
  • It’s good to hear that the company has finally relented on this matter. However, it’s unclear how long it will take for the Android version of the TV app to go live. If Apple has only just embarked on its development, it could be a while.

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

1️⃣ How to hide apps on iPhone or iPad link

  • The photos, videos, and apps on your iPhone are glimpses of your private life that you might want to protect from prying eyes. While you can easily hide your private photos and videos using the Hidden folder in the Photos app, iOS doesn’t have a native way to keep apps that are private to you hidden on your device.
  • There are many ways to hide apps on an iPhone. Depending on your objective, you can choose to hide a single app from the Home Screen, hide an entire Home Screen of apps, or hide apps from Siri Search, among other ways.
  • In this detailed guide, let's take a look at a number of ways to hide apps on your iPhone or iPad

2️⃣ How to block text messages on iPhone link

  • Are you tired of receiving unwanted text messages (from someone you know or a stranger) or spam messages on your iPhone? Blocking such messages is an effective way to avoid annoyance and keep your inbox decluttered.
  • If you follow along, I will show you how to block text messages on an iPhone. I will also explain how to filter messages from unknown senders and report spam messages on your iPhone to reduce the number of unwanted texts.

3️⃣ How To Check If Someone Is Tracking You!! link

  • How can you check if somebody is tracking you without your knowledge? There is a very simple feature called tracking notifications, and you must enable it right now to check that it's super simple.
  • This feature alerts you if a Find My network accessory not belonging to you is tracking your location. By enabling this feature and setting up notifications properly, you can easily detect and address any potential tracking threats.

🔌 MagSafe Monday

🔋Spigen O-Mag Ring (MagFit)

Transform your iPhone into the ultimate video tool with the Spigen O-Mag Ring!

  • The iPhone's camera far surpasses the Mac's webcam for video meetings, and Spigen’s O-Mag Webcam Mount is the perfect solution to leverage this advantage. It allows you to effortlessly mount your iPhone to your Mac, ensuring you get the best video quality for important Zoom calls or virtual interviews.
  • This versatile gadget snaps onto your iPhone with a MagSafe-compatible case and securely clips to your MacBook, enabling top-notch video via Continuity Camera. It's not just for video calls—use it as a stand to watch videos at a better angle or as a convenient phone holder. The O-Mag Ring's slim design makes it easy to slip into your travel bag, so you can use it on planes, trains, or in hotel rooms.
  • With its multipurpose functionality, the Spigen O-Mag Ring is a perfect addition to your tech arsenal.

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

1️⃣ AI Note Taker: Voice,Video,PD link

  • Tired of struggling to remember what you read or watched on your phone? AI Notebook is your solution! Seamlessly organizes text, images, audio, PDF files, and YouTube video links on your phone for a powerful note-taking experience that won't miss a beat. Ask questions and save them all in one place for easy access later.
  • Comprehensive Data Handling and Organization: AI Notebook accommodates various types of inputs, such as text, images, and audio, making it adaptable to your preferred method of capturing information. Its advanced AI-driven organization capabilities ensure your notes are automatically categorized by topic, date, or relevance, and it includes customizable tags and search functionalities for easy retrieval of information.
  • Enhanced Learning and Review Tools: AI Notebook offers features like AI-powered summaries, high-quality audio recording with live transcription, and tools for creating flashcards and quizzes. These tools support quick reviews, thorough understanding, and effective learning through interactive methods like active recall and spaced repetition, making them an ideal companion for students and professionals.

2️⃣ Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS link

  • Fight or flight? The choice is easy in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. In the mobile debut of the over-the-top console franchise, slash and blast through a monster-infested gothic city as Dante, Nero, Lady, and other fan-favorite demon-slayers. Delve into a darkly funny story campaign, tangle with foes in PvP arenas – whatever it takes to send baddies scattering.
  • What you may love: The fantastically fluid combat. Swap between heroes on the fly as you launch enemies skyward and deal thunderous sword strikes. Unleash eye-popping ultimate skills – such as Dante’s shapeshifting Devil Trigger – to bring down towering Minotaurs and giant griffins. Mayhem abounds, and it’s always gorgeous. Jackpot!
  • A quick tip: Characters with firearms are great against small, flying opponents like the Devil Choir. With her trusty weapon, Lady can zip around a room and eliminate evil cherubs from a distance while evading their magical attacks.

3️⃣ Family Island — Farming game link

  • Step back in time to Family Island and join a delightful family of Stone Age characters on their quest to build a new future. No two days are alike here – you could be tending crops one moment and conquering new islands together the next – but the adventure is never far away.
  • What you may love: The mix of farming, building, and an adorable story full of surprise plot twists – it turns out setting up a new life on a deserted island isn’t always easy. Crafting and exploring get even better when you have humorous encounters with some of the island’s wildlife – including the occasional dinosaur.
  • A quick tip: Many resources and secrets are hidden around the island, so take time to look for treasures and unlock new areas. And watch your resource levels – plan crops and production, and don’t waste resources on non-essential items, especially early in the game.

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

Introducing the "Minimal Flowers Wallpapers" Set! ❤️

Embrace minimalism with these enchanting wallpapers. Set them on your device. Enjoy!!

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