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Hey Geeks! Dhvanesh here, your friendly neighborhood Apple enthusiast and editor-in-chief of iGeeksBlog+.

This issue is packed with exciting news. We've got rumors of a stunning new display for the iPad Pro thanks to hints in iPadOS 17.5, plus a study showing teens are diving headfirst into VR while staying loyal to their iPhones and Apple Watches (although Apple Music and TV+ might need to step up their game).

And speaking of speed, Safari browsing just got 60% faster in the last six months – say goodbye to lag! Stay tuned for more tech updates coming your way soon!

In this issue, you'll find:

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

🔌 MageSafe Monday

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

🔥 iPadOS 17.5 confirms new display for next-gen iPad Pro link

  • iPadOS 17.5 beta hints at OLED displays coming to 2024 iPad Pro models, promising improved visuals.
  • The transition to OLED technology could enhance colors and contrast and potentially boost battery life.
  • Production delays may push the release to April, alongside a possible new Apple Pencil with enhanced features.

🚨 US Teens Embrace VR, iPhone, and Apple Watch, but Snub Apple Music and TV+ link

  • The AR/VR device market has always been considered a niche. Even with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro earlier this year, there was no expectation of major changes due to the high price tag of $3,500. However, a new survey by Piper Sandler has revealed that teenagers are using more VR headsets, at least in the US.
  • According to the survey published this week, the weekly use of virtual reality devices increased from 10% to 13% compared to the fall of 2023. Although this is still a low figure, it shows that people are becoming more interested in such technologies.
  • At the same time, the Piper Sandler study points out that 33% of teenagers in the US now own a VR device. Last year, that figure was 31%.
  • Teenagers love iPhones, with 85% owning one and 86% planning to buy another. Apple Watch is also popular, but Apple Music and Apple TV+ are less favored among teens.

📱 iPhone 16 Plus may expand to seven colors, including white and purple link

  • iPhone 16 Plus may expand to seven colors, including white and purple
  • A leak suggests that the upcoming iPhone 16 Plus may come in seven colors, including new White and Purple, along with Black, Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow options.
  • The leaker, "Fixed Focus Digital," shared this information on Weibo, but their track record with Apple leaks is not established.

🌍 How Apple made Safari about 60% faster in the last 6 months link

  • Apple collaborated with other tech giants to create a fair web performance benchmark called Speedometer 3.0. By using this benchmark, Apple's WebKit team improved Safari's performance by about 60% over six months.
  • Despite these enhancements, Safari remains only slightly faster than other Mac browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

🤔 How to combine emojis on iPhone link

  • You can combine multiple emojis on your iPhone to create fun and expressive emoji stacks in iMessage. By sending emojis as stickers and layering them, you can customise your messages with unique emoji combinations.
  • Let's learn to edit, delete, and have fun with your emoji stacks to enhance your messaging experience.

⚒️ How to use Force Quit and Activity Monitor to close persistent apps on Mac link

  • When apps don't close, use Force Quit or Activity Monitor on your Mac. Force Quit is quick and aggressive, while Activity Monitor provides more detail.
  • Let's learn both methods to close stubborn apps that won't go away.

📝 How you can organise your life with the Apple Notes link

Need a note-taking app that keeps up with your busy life? Look no further than Apple Notes! Here's why it's a favorite:

  • Lightning fast: Jot down ideas or make a list in seconds - perfect for those on-the-go moments.
  • Organized chaos: Folders and hashtags help keep your notes tidy so you can find what you need when you need it.
  • Privacy first: Share your notes securely with friends and colleagues, or keep them under lock and key.
  • Bonus! Scan documents, add notes directly on them, and say goodbye to paper clutter!

🔌 MagSafe Monday

🔋GroveMade Wood MagSafe Stand

Ditch the boring phone stand with this gorgeous wooden MagSafe charger!

Here's what you'll love:

Looking for a stylish way to charge your iPhone and watch videos? Look no further than the GroveMade Wood MagSafe Stand! This handcrafted beauty is designed to work seamlessly with your Apple MagSafe charger (not included).

Made with premium materials:

  • Rich walnut wood: Adds a touch of nature to your desk
  • Sleek aluminum mount: Keeps your phone securely in place
  • Flexible silicone frame: Hugs your MagSafe charger perfectly

Here's what you'll love:

  • Charge and watch: Perfect for video calls, catching up on shows, or following recipes while your phone powers up
  • Adjustable viewing: Easily switch between portrait and landscape mode
  • Works with most iPhones: Compatible with iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 12 series, and more (excluding iPhone 13 Pro)

This stand isn't just functional, it's a conversation starter.
Upgrade your charging routine with a touch of luxury!

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

1️⃣ Splitwise link

  • Avoid those awkward moments wondering what you owe for your side salad versus someone’s lobster starter with Splitwise. From restaurant bills to leaving gifts and one-off adventures to ongoing expenses, the app helps you work out exactly who’s supposed to pay what. It removes some of the stress of shared expenses by keeping things transparent.
  • What you may love is brilliant for flatmates and couples, as you can schedule regular bills that occur every week, month, or year, plus one-off expenses. It’s also great for things like days out with friends or group holidays. If you go for the pro version, you can scan receipts to track your spending automatically.
  • Quick tip for you is - For larger sums, the app can create a repayment plan – you'll see the balance reduce as payments are made.

2️⃣ SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam link

  • Bikini Bottom is covered in jellyfish jam, and only SpongeBob SquarePants can save the day! In the city-builder SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam, you’ll undo the chaos caused by Plankton’s latest shrimp-brained scheme by shooing away the goop. Open up new areas, erect cute houses and shops, and tackle quirky quests for Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and the rest of the crew.
  • What you may love is all the fantastic details! Cook up Krabby Patties and Kelp Rings at the Krusty Krab. Search for Barnacle Boy action figures in beds of coral. Rescue Gary the Snail from the Jellyfish Fields. It’s like playing through episodes of the show!
  • A quick tip for you is to watch for wild blue jellyfish when opening treasure chests, sunken lockers, and other stashes. Head to your storage inventory and exchange these rare critters for loads of energy.

3️⃣ Lifesum Food Tracker & Fasting link

  • If you’ve resolved to lead a healthier lifestyle, you’ll need a way to keep track of your progress and start developing good habits. With Lifesum, you can do both – and much more. The app bundles together delicious recipes, health tips, a food diary and an activity tracker. Start logging and take a big step toward your fitness goals.
  • What you may love is that using Lifesum is like having a personal coach. Going for a walk and bringing a bottle of water? Lifesum will tell you how many calories you’ve burnt and also praise you for rehydrating.
  • A quick tip for you is to browse the meal plan options and head to the Diets tab. Choose from Balanced, Fasting, High Protein, and Keto/Low Carb, or answer a few quick questions, and the app will suggest something for you. For further inspiration, tap Recipes. It’s packed with great-tasting, nutritional ideas for every meal of the day.

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

A total solar eclipse was visible across North America on April 08, 2024, creating a spectacular sight along its path. The moon covered the sun, turning day into night briefly and creating a glowing halo in the sky. Here is a Apple themed solar eclipse wallpaper to beautify your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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