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Monday 29 April 2024 | Join Us | Advertise​

Hey Geeks! Dhvanesh here, your friendly neighborhood Apple enthusiast and editor-in-chief of iGeeksBlog+.

Apple fans, mark your calendars! Their special event on May 7th with the tagline "Let loose" almost certainly means new iPads and accessories are coming. The rumors are exciting! A giant 12.9-inch iPad Air with a possible mini-LED display could join the lineup, while the iPad Pro might get an OLED upgrade for both sizes and a sleek redesign. There's even talk of a new Apple Pencil with Find My integration, magnetically swappable tips, and a mysterious "Squeeze" gesture.
I'm particularly interested in the rumored 11-inch OLED iPad Pro, but the price hike whispers give me pause. What are you most excited about? Reply to this email to share your thoughts.

In this issue, you'll find:

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

🔌 MagSafe Monday

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

💡 4 Things To Know This Week

🔥 Android Bosses iPhone in Smartphone Activation Market Share link​

  • New iPhone activations in the U.S. have dropped to a six-year low, with Apple's share falling from 40% to 33% over the past year. Android devices now make up two out of three new smartphone activations, signaling a shift in the market away from Apple.
  • Factors such as higher smartphone prices, better durability, and changing purchasing behaviors have contributed to this trend.

🧮 iPad users rejoice! iPadOS 18 will finally include a Calculator app link​

  • iPadOS 18 will include a Calculator app, a long-awaited app for iPad users. The new app is expected to have a redesign and new features similar to those in macOS 15.
  • Users with older iPads may not be able to use the Calculator app if they have A10 or A10X Fusion chips.

🤖 Apple's generative AI may be the only one that was trained legally & ethically link​

  • The iPhone 17 Plus is rumored to have a smaller screen than the current iPhone 15 Plus. This change could differentiate the Plus model from the Pro Max model in the upcoming lineup.
  • The iPhone 17 series is still a year and a half away, so that details may change.

✏️ New Apple Pencil 3 is coming next month link​

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at a new Apple Pencil 3 coming in May during a special event focused on iPads.
  • Rumors suggest the Apple Pencil 3 may include Find My integration. This would help users easily track and find their lost Apple Pencil, just like with AirPods and AirTags.
  • New Apple Pencil will also feature "Squeeze" gesture. Potentially the new Apple Pencil will be able to detect when the user is pressing down on its surface to perform some quick actions, such as adding text or a signature.
  • A recent leak indicates Apple has been testing a stylus that works with Vision Pro. Perhaps Apple Pencil 3 will support this AR/VR headset and not be limited to working with iPad.

⚙️ 3 Hacks You Should Try This Week

📱 Every iPhone Drag-and-Drop Trick link​

  • You can drag and drop various items like text messages, URLs, files, and images on your iPhone for easy sharing and organisation.
  • Drag-and-Drop allows for quick copying and pasting of content across different apps, such as notes, reminders, and messages. You can even remove backgrounds from images by dragging and dropping specific subjects into notes or messages.
  • Let's learn all the possible Drag-and-Drop tricks to use your iPhone like a pro.

📸 How to remove camera from iPhone Lock Screen link​

  • To disable the camera from your iPhone lock screen in iOS 17, go to Settings, then Screen Time, and turn off the Camera app under Allowed Apps. Remember that disabling the camera from the lock screen also removes it from the home screen, but you can easily turn it back on later if needed.
  • You can also remove other lock screen options like Control Center and Siri by adjusting settings in the Face ID & Passcode section of the Settings app.

🖼️ Share screenshots (without saving them) directly to your iPhone contacts link​

  • Did you know you can ask Siri to take a screenshot and share directly your iPhone contacts?
  • Take a look at this short video in the link above to see how it works in action.
  • Screenshot command may work in all apps depending on whether the app annotates the view with the right metadata, you can also simply say 'Share this to X' and it will populate the message with a web link or similar.

🔌 MagSafe Monday

🔋Spigen S312 OneTap (MagFit)​

Upgrade Your Workspace with Spigen S312 OneTap (MagFit) Unleashed!

  • This week I'm introducing the Spigen S312 OneTap (MagFit), your perfect MagSafe companion for seamless connectivity and effortless convenience. Crafted with MagFit Technology and robust built-in magnets, this magnetic phone holder ensures a strong and reliable connection to your laptop or monitor.
  • Experience portability and elegance combined with its sleek aluminum arm, designed for durability on-the-go. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode, the adjustable arm guarantees optimal viewing angles for your convenience.
  • Installation is a breeze with simple and secure steps: just face the arm outward, align the dots horizontally behind your laptop or monitor, and let the 3M VHB adhesive tape do its magic over 24 hours. Plus, rest assured knowing it's compatible with MagSafe compatible cases and iPhone 12/13/14/15 Series for added versatility.
  • Enhance your MagSafe experience with the Spigen S312 OneTap (MagFit) and elevate your tech game effortlessly.
  • Join me every Monday for more exciting MagSafe innovations!

📲 3 Apps You Should Download This Week

1️⃣ Curio - Audio Journalism link​

  • Curio collects the most interesting and absorbing stories from publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and New York Magazine and republishes them in audio form. Tune in to learn about what’s happening in the world and why it matters – without reading a thing.
  • What you may love is the app is curated by a team of editors who know and care about quality journalism. But it’s the thoughtful and eclectic selection of stories that takes it up a level, with a great balance of news, culture, business and entertainment articles you can get lost in.
  • Quick tip for you is to use the Playlist feature to cue up contrasting takes on similar themes. Choose from preset playlists – topics include personal development, climate change and plenty more – or Bookmark articles to view them in the Library. It’s a neat way to keep stories on subjects that intrigue you in one place.

2️⃣ BodyFast: Intermittent Fasting link​

  • Want to find a balanced lifestyle that works for you? The BodyFast app could help you change things up. It comes with a coach that provides a personalised plan based on your goals, guidance on intermittent fasting and hundreds of tasty recipes.
  • Try intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting means eating food during timed intervals. You eat whatever you want for the period of time specified in your plan, then you fast; only consuming water, black coffee or unsweetened tea for the rest of the day.
  • Create a new routine: This principle is simple but can be challenging to implement. However, you can use the app to remind you when to fast and when to eat. Your personalised plan takes your goals and lifestyle into account. You’ll also receive daily coaching, plus nutrition tips from the BodyFast coach.
  • Stay motivated: The various weekly challenges focusing on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness can help you to keep going and stick to your plan. These challenges can encourage you to think about how to incorporate the different elements and create a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond fasting and works for you.

3️⃣ Breathe Meditation Mindllama link​

  • When you are tense, angry or anxious, you’ve no doubt heard the advice: take a deep breath. Indeed, proper breathing can help you relax and focus. And if a cute companion is there every step of the way? Even better.
  • What you may love is spending time with the app’s loveable llama (and porcupine, hippo and owl once you subscribe) – they'll share daily inspirational quotes to up your positive energy.
  • Quick tip for you is to start a breathing session without having to open Mindllama with the app’s widget feature. To set this up, tap and hold anywhere on your Home Screen until the app icons start shaking, then tap the + in the top left corner to add the Mindllama widget. When the need arises, tap the widget and your animal friend will lead you to breathe in and breathe out.

🖼️ Wallpaper of The Week

Apple is hosting a Let Loose event on May 7, where new iPads and accessories will be launched. We have made a collection of high-resolution 4K event wallpapers inspired by Apple's invite logo are available for free download for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. The wallpapers showcase vibrant colors and artistic designs related to the upcoming Apple event.

Thank you again for joining iGeeksBlog+. I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you!

Best regards,
Founder, iGeeksBlog​

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